• Manufacturing / Product Development 
  • Customer Services
  • Production Monitoring 
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Logistic Support
  • Documentation & Shipping Coordination
  • Communication 
  • Industry Expertise

Manufacturing/ Product Development:

We undertake product development at our factory to meet buyer requirements for standards, prototypes, pattern check runs, pre-production samples, accessories development, embellishments (embroidery/printing strike off) and fabric development etc.

Our management keeps a close interface with the customers and incorporates the ideas given by the clients before supplying the products. Feedback from the client is immediately acted upon by the company. Apart from ideas even the complaints and any problems which the clients are given top priority by the senior management at PRIME TRADING COMPANY.

Customer Services:

Customer profile and his area of interest in product development

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Production Monitoring:

The merchandising staff monitors production with the help of Time & Action Plan and frequently visits Production Department to ensure the Quality and on Time deliveries.

Inspection & Testing:

We have vendor base laboratory where inspections & testings are done on fabrics, garments, lab dips, printing on state of the art testing machinery.

Logistic Support:

Our export department is responsible for space booking, dispatching and monitoring shipments until they reach their final destinations, in liaison with the shipping companies/airlines.

Documentation & Shipping Coordination:

We at Prime Trading Company check all shipping documents as per buyers instructions and ensure dispatch of documents as per dispatch instructions provided by buyers L/C, well in advance of the actual shipment arrival with intimation to buyers and their clearing agents.


Our local office communicates with customers on a daily basis keeping them updated on all issues. Each department is fully computerized and we are linked up to Europe and U.S.A through Internet, which ensures reliable and fast communication through fax, urgent mail, e-mail, and telephone.

Industry Expertise:

With considerable knowledge of our domain, supply-chain, logistics, and e-commerce, we are able to simplify and accelerate the whole process of providing services and adding value where it really matters. We are a success-oriented enterprising organization – active in the marketplace. We listen to our customer ‘ needs, overcome barriers to their goals and creatively support their programs. We are guided by strong leadership and sound management systems.We never wave from our core values.